DX7 Patch Bank to Csound SCO Translator

Music of Jeff Harrington
Espace des cloches Csound Orchestra and Score (uses the Gong 1 DX7 patch from this collection)
Acid Bach Suite for Quartertone Csound Instrument SCO and ORC Files - 4 Movements

Free for any commercial or non-commercial use.

Sylvain MARCHAND has debugged the 32 DX7 algorithm .orc files.
Here are all of the DX7 ORC files for all 32 algorithms in his improved versions. dx7orc2.zip

All of this work is based on several orchestras and scores by Dr. Russell Pinkston, which were distributed in the basic Csound distribution at one time.

FYI, the conversions in this translator still leave out a critical component of the DX7 patch. Dr. Pinkston's 3 patches were apparently hand-tweaked to sound more like the patches he was attempting to emulate. When I wrote the convertor I enlisted Yamaha's help to get a few numbers more consistently right. The feedback parameter in particular (the last p-code) should be tweaked.

Also, neither Dr. Pinkston nor myself ever finished these in terms of LFO or Pitch EG support. This is why many of the patches that change pitch will sound flat. I plan to work on this at some point, but now I'm having too much fun writing with them.

Most of these patches (I'm not sure how many) will be in the new Csound book's CDROM from MIT press.

Here's the C source (and the old ORC files). It compiles under Linux, PC, who knows... Source (dx72csrc.zip) 62k Zipped File

Here's the C source, the old ORC files, DOS and Linux executables and 10,528 DX7 patches that work with it.

I'm not certain if these DX7 patch banks are standard or not. I downloaded the whole UCSD directory in 1992 for conversion to my SY77 and may have run another converter program over them in that process. There appears to be two DX7 patch bank formats.

What's in the Zip:

bigdx7.zip - a set of DX7 patch banks that work with the converter.
dx7sco.zip - a few of my favorite conversions.
23 orc files - for each of the DX7 algorithms I got around to translating. (These are the old orc files).
the executables and C source

Patches, PC Executables, and Source (dx72csnd.zip) 950K Zipped File

How to Use

Unzip the bigdx7.zip. You'll end up with several hundred DX7 patch banks. From the command line type:

dx72csnd patchbank.dx7 (whatever patch bank you want converted).

You'll now have 32 .sco files each named patch01ALG09.sco, patch02ALG04.sco, etc. Each filename (unless you're using DOS) will have the algorithm type orc as part of its name. In DOS, you'll have to type the .sco file to see the required algorithm file. Sorry, never got around to compiling it to handle long file names.